Lifting Up a Special Warrior: Gail’s Story

Nearly two years ago, we filmed the story of osteosarcoma survivor Gail Raines. In the short video, she describes the events that led up to her discovering she had cancer and what it was like for her two young sons to experience their mother’s illness.

When you’re having to worry about whether you’re going to live or die…or how you are going to deal with this illness with your kids, the last thing you need to worry about is ‘How am I going to continue paying rent? How am I going to pay my power bill?’

At the time we filmed, Gail was in remission, having undergone successful treatment for the sarcoma tumor. But her cancer returned, and so we delayed sharing her video for a time.

Gail is still fighting.

We are sharing her story today to raise awareness around this special warrior’s battle. Click here to learn about her family, her fight, and to help her family deal with the financial complications of fighting cancer.

Meet Gail by clicking play or the video title below: