Cancer Info Series: Ways to Treat Cancer

What are the ways to treat Cancer? Since the beginning of modern medicine, there have been three ways to treat cancer. We can burn it up with radiation, cut it out with surgery, or poison it with chemotherapy. Any combination … Read More

Cancer Info Series: What is Spread?

Cells don’t have legs that can allow them to walk to another region of the body, but we’ve all known a loved one or friend with breast cancer that ends up coming back in somewhere else in the body. How … Read More

Lifting Up a Special Warrior: Gail’s Story

Nearly two years ago, we filmed the story of osteosarcoma survivor Gail Raines. In the short video, she describes the events that led up to her discovering she had cancer and what it was like for her two young sons … Read More

What Is Cancer?

Cancer affects us on more than a physical level. It affects us to the core of our humanity. At Sarcoma Warriors, we’ve found that more complicated questions—ones that deal with the spiritual or social side of a cancer diagnosis—outrank a simpler … Read More