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Sarcoma can be an exceptionally expensive, time-consuming cancer to treat. Before long, bills start to pile up, adding additional stress for patients and their families. For some, these expenses can reach the tens or even hundreds of thousands. In these circumstances, a patient’s financial needs exceed the capacity of traditional funding from Sarcoma Warriors. These are the individuals who are eligible to be selected as one of our Featured Warriors.

Every few weeks, we highlight a different individual who is battling sarcoma cancer at significant financial expense. Individuals around the nation can then show their support of this Warrior through financial contributions. Gifts are used to cover outstanding bills, including those for everyday living expenses, medical care, and counseling services.

NOTE: The application to be a Featured Warrior is the same as that to apply for support from Sarcoma Warriors, with an additional section. Please select the option “I want to be a Featured Warrior.” and complete the application.

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